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By: msfemboss

Tied Up

Tags: bendy | flexible | contortion, commission, Homestuck, Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck), nsfw, Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck), Writing

Tied Up

Kanaya wasn't sure how she had ended up in a position like this, tied about waist-high off the ground to the ceiling of her exercise room with Terezi carefully checking each of her knots. Well, okay, it was easy enough to give a rough estimate of what had happened - Terezi had approached her and offered her a chance to have another one of the blackrom flings that they had before they had met the humans - but it was hard to think of what had specifically led up to those events.

She didn't particularly care, either. It was kind of hard to focus on anything beyond the fact that she was entirely naked and tied to the ceiling in a room that could easily be entered from three different doors. She doubted that Terezi's crudely written DO NOT ENTER signs would do much good if Karkat or Dave wandered in without paying attention.

It had been easy to turn her mind off to what Terezi was doing until she tossed the noose around her neck. That at least deserved an eyebrow raise, to which Terezi merely shrugged.

"You were okay with me opening your hole back up but not putting a rope around your neck?"

"The hole being partially open won't kill me, Terezi."

The teal blood clicked her tongue, crossing her arms over her naked breasts. "Would you relax? I'm not trying to kill you. I know how nooses work and that one wouldn't kill you unless you really, really screw up." Kanaya opened her mouth to protest, but was interrupted by Terezi tugging to noose up closer to her skin.

"Be quiet and listen. I'm going to put you into a shape and you're going to stay that way. Disobey and there will be consequences. I don't like my prisoners acting out, got it?" Without waiting for a response Terezi circled to Kanaya's back and grabbed her legs.

She hissed as Terezi yanked them into a center split, her bulge uncurling as cold air hit her nook. The ropes burned as her limbs were forced farther away from their center knot, and even though she trusted Terezi there was still a fear that she was going to fall to the ground. It wasn't an entirely unpleasant fear, if she was being honest with herself, but it wasn't an experience she wanted to find herself going through.

With her head forced forward by the faux noose Terezi had put around her, she couldn't see what the other troll had planned for her. Her legs quivered as the blind troll softly dragged her nails along her skin. The fingers teased at the very edges of her nook, causing her bulge to naturally curl up and out of the way.

Kanaya had to admit that she had missed the feeling of claws against the rough, wet skin of her nook. Rose was very good at stimulating her, of course, but human fingers were so soft and delicate. Just like their nooks, actually. Trolls could take much more of a beating, due to the unique aspects of their relationships.

So when Terezi forced the flaps of her nook apart with her thumbs before ramming her fingers into it, Kanaya could only trill with pleasure. It was slightly painful but nothing so terrible that she wanted to stop. With each gasp she could feel her legs moving closer together, trying to tangle Terezi so that she would just get closer -

"I thought I warned you about that, Maryam." A shiver flew down her spine at Terezi's teasing tone. The teal blood clicked her tongue with disappointment. "You're supposed to stay at a full split. Do I need to get another rope to keep you in place?"

"No. No, I can do it." Terezi snickered before forcing her legs apart, this time further than before. Kanaya whimpered at the new angle. It forced her to readjust, causing the raw skin of her reopened hole to rub further against the red ropes. Her torso dipped further down and she lifted her head in order to avoid catching her neck on the noose.

It wouldn't kill her. That was what Terezi said. She trusted Terezi, had to in order to do something like this. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, fangs drawing the slightest bit of jade blood. She could feel her bulge curling, as if it was confused about the sudden fear she was feeling and the lack of stimulation by Terezi. Not that the other troll was going to let her sit in that confused state for long.

Instead of going for her nook, she grabbed the bulge, rubbing her hands roughly along it in order to arouse it. At Terezi's force it bubbled, forming goose bumps in order to better pleasure the other troll's nook. It also set the entirety of Kanaya's lower region on metaphorical fire. She gasped, arching her back even further forward. Her neck caught on the noose.

Rather than wait for Terezi to correct her positioning, she opted to lift herself. She grunted, using her tied wrists as a lever to pull herself up. Her legs split further apart as she tried to reduce to distance between the rope and the knot on the ceiling. Kanaya gripped her calves between her arm pits, causing Terezi to chuckle.

"Now you're just showing off. Gonna show this trick to Dave?"

"I'm sure that he'd love to hear who I used it with."

At that Terezi simply squeezed her bulge, dragging her claws against the skin. "You could do that... or I could just tie you here forever. You're a rainbow drinker so you don't technically need to eat."

"You wouldn't."

"Don't tempt me, Maryam. I've never had a living prisoner before. Hmm.... I could just bend you up like one of those human pretzels." She loudly licked her lips before cackling and squeezing the captive bulge once again.

Terezi may have enjoyed taunting her prey, but Kanaya was growing sick of it. She needed to be touched or aggressively entered as soon as possible. Hatred boiled within her, causing her to struggle against the ropes. The only result that garnered with more of the burning sensation on her wrists and her bulge being released by her tormentor.

"Oooh, now you're just being belligerent. You shouldn't try to rush me, you know." She jammed her hands suddenly into Kanaya's nook. The rainbow drinker cried out as the fingers stretched out her slick skin. She wished that she could see what was going on, how much she was dripping... Her bulge lashed and curled at the thought of her juices dripping into the bucket positioned beneath them.

The blind troll stopped her assault on the nook by aggressively grabbing Kanaya's rear, leaving smeared jade hand prints on the skin as a result. The feeling of warm fluids and Terezi's cold hands left Kanaya unprepared for the next attack, which consisted of Terezi simply forcing her face into her folds. Her nook stretched as Kanaya screeched with pleasure, wrestling against the ropes.

Her legs came loose from her already struggling armpits. The limbs snapped liked a rubber band back to Terezi, causing her to become entangled between Kanaya's muscular thighs. Unlike before neither troll really seemed to care, too focused on the task at hand. Kanaya's eyes rolled back with pleasure, her mouth parting as if it was trying to form words. The tips of her horns had become caught up within the noose, lifting it.

Terezi continued lapping at the nook, trying to swallow up as much of the juice as she could manage. As with all troll nooks, Kanaya's could expand to fit any manner of bulge within it, and Terezi was definitely testing its limits. She only forced herself out when it became too hard to hold her breath, and she took a desperate gasp for air as Kanaya's legs threatened to swallow her up.

Finally realizing that Kanaya had disobeyed her rule, she forced the legs apart with her shoulders before gripping onto her rear again. "I warned you, Kanaya, but you didn't listen. What a poor excuse for a prisoner. I thought better of you." She chuckled, using her own strength to pull herself up onto Kanaya's body. Terezi fell into a split of her own as she struggled on her climb, hands still slippery from the bodily fluids.

Kanaya felt Terezi's bulge lash instinctively towards her nook as she passed it on her ascent. The next feeling was a massive weight upon her hips and the feeling of the ropes on her arms becoming untied. It wasn't a problem until both were loosened to the point where her front began to fall, leaving her neck caught in the noose.

She gasped for air before realizing that Terezi expected her to lift herself up. Thanks to her training it would usually be nothing, but the adrenaline given to her by the sudden free fall had shaken her. Terezi lifted her arms up to guide her, then left her to her own devices as Kanaya rotated her pelvis and reached up to grip the ropes above her. She managed to get a hold of the ones attached to her legs, which forced her into a backbend. It was only then that she noticed that Terezi had loosened the ones threading through her hole.

In this position, especially with Terezi on top of her the way she was, Kanaya wasn't going to last long. Her hands were already straining against the red ropes. Her nook was almost vertical in the air, her bulge curling back towards it in search of heat. Terezi grabbed it as it flailed, pressing her thumb into its pale jade flesh. It would have been painful if not for the rope burn Kanaya was already feeling. That seemed to cancel out most of the other painful sensations.

"Terezi... please get on with it."

The blind troll huffed before forcing her weight onto Kanaya's rear. She leaned her back against Kanaya's head, pressing her shoulders into the tips of her horns. With a rough tug she forced the bulge to its full length, pressing it against against her own eager nook. Kanaya moaned as the tip of her bulge was engulfed in teal folds. It was almost enough to take her mind off of the fact that she was basically holding herself up by her hands alone.

Terezi continued to inch as far as she could towards Kanaya's bulge, ending up with her horns touching Kanaya's own and her face pressed into her own chest, legs raised up into the air in order to give herself the best possible angle of entry. Even with all of her efforts she could only get about half of it into the nook. She thrust eagerly against the small bit she could manage, curling her claws against Kanaya's skin as she became more frustrated.

It wasn't even Kanaya's fault that it couldn't reach that far back, but she didn't care. No, everything was her fault at this point. She wouldn't have had to even climb on her back if she could have just stayed compliant! With a growl she lashed out, digging her claws into Kanaya's skin and allowing a bit of jade blood to drip out. Kanaya gasped.

"What did I do now? I've just been in a backbend since you untied my arms."

"How come your bulge isn't as flexible as you are?"

"I'm pretty sure that's not how bulges work -"

"It's disappointing." She pulled herself back up Kanaya's back before uneasily shifting to her knees. Her feet were basically forcing themselves into Kanaya's hole at this point, causing her to have to push her chest outward.

Once Kanaya situated herself, Terezi lowered her nook towards Kanaya's waiting bulge, grabbing her own to keep it from seeking Kanaya's heat. She gasped as the jade tentacle entered her, crying out and thrusting aggressively down on it. No human bulge could compare to the way that Kanaya's thrashed within her even as she bounced up and down on it. She could hear the ropes creaking at weight and movement that they didn't expect, but she didn't care.

It took all of Kanaya's willpower to hold onto the ropes above her, especially when Terezi's foot actually entered the hole. Each time the blind troll thrust down on her the foot would brush against the sensitive torn skin, sending Kanaya into another rush of pleasure. It was almost too much, if only Terezi would let her bulge into her nook it would be absolutely perfect.

Instead Terezi squeezed her own bulge to stimulate it. Hands could never do what a nook was intended to do, but it was a pretty decent alternative while she was torturing her fling. She hissed as she brought herself to climax, grabbing desperately onto the red rope with one hand as her nook tightened to release her fluids. Most of them landed within on Kanaya before dripping down and catching on the bucket.

She panted, pulling herself from Kanaya's still eager bulge in order to grab the noose away from the neck. It was fairly obvious by the scent of raw skin that Kanaya would need to drop eventually, and she'd rather not have her choke to death. Despite the fact that it wasn't tied to actually tighten, one could never be too careful when using ropes with others. Terezi slowly slid off of her body, dropping to the floor with a thud.

"Alright, you can drop now." Kanaya released the ropes, keeping her hips stable as she swung around to do a frontbend. She grabbed onto her thighs before pressing her lips against Terezi's bulge to surprise her. The teal blood's eyes widened and she nearly stumbled before regaining her composure.

Kanaya pressed her lips once more against the bulge, allowing her tongue to flick it in order to encourage Terezi to push her hips forward. It was a shame that the other troll couldn't see the gaze that Kanaya was giving her. It was definitely a look that made Rose crazy, that was for sure.

After a few more laps at her tip Terezi seemed to get the message, pushing her bulge further into Kanaya's mouth. It slithered at the warm wetness within, only able to tell that it wasn't in a nook by the teeth that were brushing against it. Kanaya gently grazed her teeth against the bulge, once again reminded of how tough troll genitalia could be. The humans definitely seemed to be more averse to any sort of teeth play.

Terezi began to actively thrust into her mouth as Kanaya continued to roll her tongue around the bulge. It was odd for Kanaya to hear anything that wasn't carefully planned coming from Terezi's mouth, but the eager grunts and moans emerging sounded anything but planned.

She was getting close to climaxing again if Kanaya was to judge by sound. Instead of giving her the relief she probably really wanted, she pulled her head back and released the bulge. Terezi continued to thrust into cold air before seeming to register that Kanaya had moved away. She let out a confused whimper, cocking her head.

It would have been adorable if not for the bright red eyes staring holes into Kanaya's face.

"I'm pretty sure you owe my nook something, Terezi."

Terezi chuckled. "I suppose you've earned your reward... You were mostly compliant. Much better than Dave, at least."

"Is that a compliment?"

"It's up to you to decide if it is or not."

Kanaya watched as Terezi released her bulge and thrust into her nook. It was almost surreal, watching herself get penetrated. Each thrust was fully visible as Terezi's bulge got up close and personal with her face before aiming at her nook. Why just feel the sensations when you could also see them up close like this? Of course, the feeling of Terezi's bulge happily wiggling inside of her was a plus that definitely deserved recognition.

Her own bulge crept into Terezi's nook every time she thrust her hips against Kanaya's own. Once again the other troll was in a psuedo split, legs locked around Kanaya's own hanging ones, her hands gripping the ropes above her. With every part of her body stimulated and the fact that she was watching her nook contract with every one of Terezi's thrusts, Kanaya didn't last long. Who could under those circumstances?

The fluids immediately gushed out of her, streaming down her rear and into the bucket below. Terezi continued to rock her hips against Kanaya's tired bulge until she climaxed once more.

If they had been in a red relationship, the moments after intercourse would have moved slowly, possibly into a shared recuperacoon in a move dangerously close to becoming pale. Since this was nothing more than a blackrom fling, however, Terezi immediately slid off of Kanaya's back, waiting for her to move out of the frontbend. Once Kanaya was dangling upside down, she untied to ropes and allowed her to drop into a handstand.

The two gathered up their clothes in silence, and Terezi grabbed her ropes and captalogued them once again. It wasn't awkward by any means, though perhaps one of the humans would have found it so. Perhaps the only moment that even came close was when Terezi picked up their shared bucket.

"So what do we do with this?"

Kanaya shrugged before realizing that Terezi wouldn't be able to see the movement. "I have no idea. Perhaps get rid of it in the next dream bubble?"

Terezi cackled. "Imagine the look on someone's face if they found it! First they think it's bad that there's just a bucket lying around, but then -"

"Ugh. Must you be so disgusting?" Kanaya rolled her eyes as Terezi cackled again at her reaction.

"You're acting really calm about the idea but you smell absolutely mortified. Or really, really uncomfortable at least." Terezi wrapped her arms around Kanaya's bare waist, licking her face one last time. "Yep, definitely mortified."

"I hate you."

"Does that mean we can do this again sometime?"