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By: brandy

Kanaya and Dave in: Not so funny


Tags: commission, Dave Strider (Homestuck), Homestuck, Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck), Karkat Vantas (homestuck), Writing

Kanaya and Dave in: Not so funny

Unlike his ecto-biological sister, Dave didn't quite take to Kanaya's condition as scientifically as she had. He had been just as amazed, but his plan for her was far more devilish. Kanaya couldn't help herself though; she needed to have a little fun sometimes. They'd been on this blasted rock for two years now and they were running out of interesting things to do.

"Okay, you remember the plan?" Dave asked, a grin on his face. He'd planned this with the young troll a few days ago after Karkat had done something-she wasn't sure what-to make Dave mad. She nodded and pulled on her shirt, the hole visible through a cut in the cloth.

"You are truly diabolical, Dave."

"That's why you love me."

"Don't push your luck."

Karkat bolted out of his room when he heard the scream, Kanaya's voice ringing throughout the meteor. His mind automatically went through countless scenarios, ranging from the probable to the illogical. Either way, he was terrified and ready to fight.

He found her laying on one of the tables, Rose standing over her with a worried expression. The mutant's friend was clutching at her stomach and crying out in agony.

"W-What the fuck is going on?!" His voice echoed, sounding grating to even his own ears. Kanaya whimpered and reached out for her friend.

"S-Something is happening...M-My gut..."

Something moved under Kanaya's shirt and Karkat's eyes went wide and horrified. She was being eaten alive by some parasite, like in the terrible human movie with the 'face-huggers'.

"Oh G-d, oh shit..." His hand shaking as he reached out to touch his friend's stomach, his mind whirring and his sickle at the ready to take out whatever it was that was inhabiting the other troll's body.

A hand shot out and Karkat shrieked in horror before passing out. A cackle erupted from Rose as she fell to the floor, Dave sticking his head out of Kanaya's throax.

"Man, that worked better than I thought it would~" He high-fived the jade blood as he exited her body, feeling victorious and just a little evil.