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By: brandy

Kanaya and Rose in: Flexibility


Tags: bendy | flexible | contortion, commission, Homestuck, Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck), Rose Lalonde (Homestuck), Writing

Kanaya and Rose in: Flexibility

While Rose didn't know too much about troll anatomy or biology, she was certain that this couldn't be too natural. More and more often now she would sit and observe her 'matesprite' interacting with the others; demonstrating almost surreal moments of flexibility, bending over backwards, and almost in half in ways that would make a contortionist faint. The young seer swore that it couldn't be real; perhaps her drunken mind was beginning to play tricks on her. She needed to know for certain though; she needed to see if it was real.

She learned, after some coaxing and well-timed romancing, what the cause of it all was though. Is seemed that Kanaya's hole hadn't quiet healed over like one would have expected; the wound was scarred around the edges, but she could see straight through her. Undressing the flushed troll eagerly now she began to explore her body. Tan fingers ghosted over pale scaled flesh, probing the edges of the wound and pushing her hand straight through where her navel should have been.

The jade blood let out a little gasp at motion, somehow sensing that Rose's hand was through her, though she didn't touch the sides of the wound. It was incredible; the seer know that technically Kanaya was dead, but to know that she could indeed function-eat, sleep, breath with this pit inside her-was amazing.

"R-Rose..." She was flushed up to the tips of her pointed ears, a soft green hue coloring her white scaled skin, "I-I feel a little...odd about all this..."

She'd been hesitant to expose her body to her flushed mate; wary of the reaction she would receive due to the flaws of her body. She seemed to be enjoying it though; Rose's violet eyes wide with wonder and curiosity.

"I wonder if I could fit my head through it~" Rose pondered aloud, receiving an indignant chirp from her mate in response.

"D-don't you dare-"

"Well, then let's see if you can~" She grinned and kissed the protesting young alien deeply, her fingers still circling the inside ridges of the wound. The scar tissue was soft, very unlike the scaled skin she was caressing. Rose felt the troll purr as her pale arms wrapped around her seer's shoulder, her skin aglow against Rose's own tanned flesh.

"I'm just...nervous," Kanaya confessed as Rose moved her kisses lower, exploring the hole a bit more, "I've never done any real...experimentation with my condition."

"No time like the present, dear~"

Pausing for a moment to think it over, Kanaya let out a short, stuttered sigh. She couldn't deny that it was exciting to be the center of Rose's attention, or that they could explore her abilities together. With a nod she relaxed as best she could, letting Rose do her 'experimenting'.

She started with simply reaching her arm through, once more getting a weak, excited noise from the troll. Rose was amazed at the complete lack of resistance as she reached through her. She could almost feel the vibrations of her purrs through the wound. Up to the shoulder now she reached up and grabbed the back to Kanaya's head, her fingers tangling up in her hair.

"Okay, now just relax and move back with my arm, okay?" Receiving a slight nod of understanding, Rose began to pull her mate's head back. She nearly let go as she watched Kanaya bend completely in half, like a sapling in a hurricane. The way she was curving back was physically impossible for anyone possessing a spine. But the rainbow drinker had always been very 'unique', and so it was no real surprise anymore.

"Incredible..." She began to pull Kanaya's head to her hole, guiding her horns carefully through, mindful not to hurt her, "How do you feel?"

"Stretched..." The troll's hands moved up to help Rose pull her head through and the human screamed, not out of fear, but excitement. Here she was, and undead alien with no recognizable spine, her own head pulled through her thorax. Kanaya looked up at her with mild panic, worried that she'd gone too far.

"Y-you're amazing!" She giggled and kissed the troll sweetly, "Absolutely awe inspiring~"


"Of course~ think I could pull your arms through?"

"Do not push your luck."