A Collection of Artistic Works of Direct Association and Dubious Taste

As commissioned, drawn, or just liked by Sudrien

All works tagged "avatar"

bailey (aka ghostbustier, mysticorset)

cosmicsynthetics (aka enterthedwelling)

Max Breland (aka maximum_frills, maximumfrills, mothmaneggsoup, Siims2, nukajoy_97, 70degree, 70degreeart, whoreofdoom, wiitchofdoom, hajubug, sisterjr)

outerspacecake (aka gwnne, Kate Swann)

Shelby March (aka maretriarch, stageshow, bloodpusher)

variegatedviews (aka leanmeanjolyne, sylph-of-bass, kmbackwardsk, greebledgoblin)

Vree (aka Vriska, vrisky8its)